Environmental Sustainability

Mindarie Primary School has always encouraged students, staff and community members to work towards creating and establishing an environmentally sustainable workplace.

We see it as important that we, as a school, are not using more resources than required to deliver teaching programs, activities and services.

We look forward to and take pride in continuing our sustainable operations in the future. After all – it’s about protecting your child’s present and future environment!!!

We are doing this in the following ways:

  • Solar panels installed on the school’s roof in 2012.
  • With the implementation of electronic white boards throughout the school, this has contributed to a reduced amount of paper being used in the classrooms.
  • Encouragement of package free lunches on Thursdays – to reduce litter and encourage healthier eating regimes.
  • Mobile phone recycling.
  • Photocopier Toner recycling.
  • Battery recycle collection.
  • Uniform recycling – unclaimed uniform clothing is collected, washed and resold at cheaper prices or in some instances given to needy families.
  • Paper recycling – on a whole school collection and classroom reuse basis.
  • Glass/paper/plastic/cardboard/cans recycling in the staffroom.
  • Reuse of packaging products in class art/craft activities.
  • Newspapers – are given to pet shops or taken to Tamala Park Recycling plant.
  • Shredded paper documents – donated to pet stores.
  • Water Wise awareness stickers – placed in all toilets to remind students of water conservation.
  • Lights – all rooms have timer switches to minimize power consumption.