Pastoral Care

Every child at Mindarie Primary School is treated as an individual. This enables teachers, education assistants and administrators to have positive and constant contact throughout the year informally whilst around the school and when children are sent to administration for good work, citizenship etc.

Children have the opportunity to join lunch time activities. These games are designed to emphasise and develop resilience and sportspersonship. (In life you get knocked down, it is what you do after this that is important. Winning and losing are part of life, how you handle these is critical to success and more importantly the way you feel about yourself).

Children have the opportunity to use the library at lunchtimes.

The children are able to join sporting, digital technology and arts clubs held at lunchtimes and before or after school. 

Mindarie has a very positive process for recognising children’s performance.

The parents of children who are working well are contacted by an administration member or teachers by telephone. When children are sent to the office for good work there are a series of accolades paid them. These include letters home, certificates, stickers and small tangible rewards.

Mindarie has two active choir groups, the Junior and Senior Choirs. The culmination of this practice is performance at major events involving large numbers of children from other schools.

We have an extremely active P&C which provides many resources for the school; inclusive of ICT equipment, playground and general teaching equipment.