Staff at
Mindarie PS

Teaching staff have a broad range of experience and expertise across all curriculum learning areas. Teachers are merit selected and have been required to demonstrate their ability to respond to the ethos and philosophy of our school and their commitment to providing for the individual progress of every child.

Teachers are encouraged to take on curriculum leadership roles across the school and there are organisational structures, processes and resources in place that reflect this expectation. The nature of this role includes the promotion of the learning area, the purchase and management of resources and profiling of student outcomes, cross school moderation and provision of professional development in identified areas. Team leader roles within each learning phase level have been established to enhance the collaborative process already in place. The role of team leaders includes the dissemination of information, the facilitation of moderation meetings and the mentoring of new staff.

Within its staffing allocation, the school has a number of specialist positions including Physical Education, Music, Media Arts, Science, and support for Students At Educational Risk. Resources are committed to supporting key curriculum coordinator roles for Literacy and Numeracy as well as staff and student wellbeing. These roles provide support in profiling student learning and supporting teachers in extending their confidence and teaching methods, knowledge and understandings.

Non-teaching roles include a full time Manager of Corporate Services, School Officers, Library Officer, Education Assistants and Special Needs Education Assistants, a Gardener/Handyman and Cleaners.