Staff code of practice

All staff at Mindarie Primary School are committed to fulfilling their roles and responsibilities according to the principles of learning, excellence, equity and care. This is demonstrated through actions and conduct that are consistent with:

  • Ensuring that all students will be successful learners.
  • Showing commitment to the principles of developmental learning.
  • Seeing ourselves as learners and being prepared to engage in reflective practices and ongoing professional development.
  • Collaborating in planning and structuring learning programs.
  • Working with parents and the community to support students’ learning.
  • Modelling participative processes in their relationships with students and colleagues towards fulfilling agreed goals.
  • Treating all members of the school community with dignity and respect in such a manner that our workplace and practices are free of discrimination, abuse or harassment.
  • Providing opportunities for students to develop as autonomous and reflective learners.
  • Setting personal standards of conduct and dress which reflect the high professional standards and ethos of the school.