Code of Conduct

Mindarie Primary School provides high quality education and care to all students who attend this school. The school has the
expectation that whilst in attendance students will feel safe, supported and cared for.

To support the school in achieving its goal the staff and students at the school therefore expect all visitors to the school site, inclusive of parents and community members to conform to the following code of conduct.

Be a Role Model

Remember that you are setting an example for your child and other children through your conduct at the school.

Respect Others

Be courteous to those around you. Please do not touch or verbally reprimand any other person on our school site. If you need assistance please speak to a staff member, your child’s class teacher or a member of the Administration team.

Use Positive Language and Actions

Profanity, harassment, threatening language and physical interactions, abuse of any kind or any other inappropriate public behaviour are strictly prohibited.

Assume Good Intentions

All staff working at Mindarie Primary are here because they care about children. At all times they will be acting in a manner that is in the best interest of all the children they are working with.


Mindarie Primary will request that any person who contravenes the Code of Conduct leaves the school grounds/premises.