Kids' Art Fundraiser


The Kids’ Art Fundraiser is underway with the new online ordering system.

All artwork from students at Mindarie Primary School is now online in our own secure school link. The ordering system is now ready for all orders to be placed.

Ordering is very simple.

1 – Go to this link:
2 – Search for your child in the “Artist search” box
3 – Your child’s art will come up for you to view and place your order.

Ordering for free delivery to school runs until Friday, 18th November. After that you can still place orders or re-order but postage will be paid and it delivered to you.

The popular products will be available: phone and iPad covers, greeting cards, calendars and more.

We encourage everyone to get on board and support the P&C with this fundraising venture.



Our 15 month project between Mindarie Rotary  and Mindarie Primary saw our shipping container full of desks, chairs, clothing, stationary, toys, solar panels and books being lifted onto a truck and commencing its way to Fremantle Port and onto Papua New Guinea.  This process should take about 6 weeks.  I’ve attached photos taken this morning your students might like to see. 

A big thank you to Jon Hobson and Elaine Pither for their wonderful led in this project and to our school community and students for their support and involvement.


IMG 1054

IMG 1041


The Teacher Development Schools (TDSs) initiative acknowledges that teachers learn best from other teachers. TDS's share their expertise and classroom innovation across schools, networks and professional learning communities. Teachers and schools can access a range of practical support for whole school planning, teaching, learning and assessment.

Mindarie Primary School has been selected as a Teacher Development School in Mathematics and English for 2016-2017. A Board of teachers has been created, led by Mrs Appleton (Mathematics) and Mrs Bewick (English). Together, they will provide Professional Learning opportunities for staff at Mindarie and across other schools and networks. An online network has also been created for us to assist schools in regional areas.

This exciting opportunity is valuable in promoting the amazing work that all staff at Mindarie do. We look forward to further developing and fostering excellence in Mathematics and English in our school.








Mindarie is an ‘Allergy Aware School’ as are most schools in the state. We can not ban allergens (nuts, eggs, milk etc) from lunch boxes as it is impossible to enforce a ban with over 800 children in this school. Children who suffer these allergies each have an individual action plan with a photograph and explicit actions for all staff to carry out, should action be needed. Epi-pens (injecting device for the delivery of adrenalin) are stored where necessary and should there be a problem staff have been trained in their use. We encourage parents to be aware that we do have children who can suffer a severe anaphylactic shock at our school.

Just for your interest, please find this on the web and look at what happens should a susceptible child be exposed to an allergen (A look will tell you a thousand words). We encourage parents and staff to consider the use of allergens and to use alternatives.

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