Mindarie Primary School students enjoyed a taste of country life when we were visited by the Royal Agricultural Society of WA. Our children loved being able to walk amongst the animals, getting to pet the sheep, rabbits, chickens, ducks and dogs. As there are chickens and dogs already at our school, the farmer commented how confidently our students handled the animals.   

The stage production “The Country Life” gave students an appreciation of where food comes from and contrasted living in the country and city, through music and dance.

“Many of our students are from South Africa and England and don’t have any knowledge of Australian farming and farm animals. This experience provided them with knowledge about farming, technology, sustainability and careers,” said Ms White, Associate Principal. “While Mindarie Primary School has therapy dogs, the children loved seeing working dogs which were trained to respond to a shepherds whistle. The farmer explained because the dogs round up in excess a thousand sheep at a time it is necessary for them to receive good training.”

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