School Decision Making

Decision making processes occur in a consultative manner. Key stakeholder groups are provided with opportunities to have input into the development of school policies, planning directions and key curriculum initiatives.

Delegated roles amongst the staff mean leadership responsibilities are shared. Through these processes, it is anticipated that decisions are well understood and that a strong commitment is shown to actions or expectations that are identified.

The school has effective School Board and P & C groups. Each of these groups has had extensive involvement in the establishment of the school and there is deep commitment to involving the parents in the full range of activities throughout the school, in particular, the notion of recognising that Parents as Partners is fundamental to the quality of relationships between school staff and members of the community.

We believe that the quality of education will be optimised if parents and teachers work together in setting standards and values for both academic and personal development. To this end, we encourage parents to actively participate in decisions relating to their child and the school in general.

We value the skills and abilities that parents can bring to the learning program.