The Performing Arts Specialist Program at Mindarie Primary School is a unique, strong and popular program which encourages participation, enjoyment and helps build children’s confidence and self esteem. It involves movement, dance and drama activities with children learning, creating and performing at in-school concerts as well as for the wider school community. The children perform puppet plays, learn circus skills to create their own circus performances as well as creating and performing their own dance and drama performances.

We have staged whole school musicals, in collaboration with the school’s Music Specialist Program, and have performed at The Junior Rock Eisteddfod.

We have competed in Junior Theatre Sports competitions, which focus on improvisation, and have won and been runners up.

Performing Arts lessons are held weekly for all children from Year 1 through Year 7, in our carpeted, air-conditioned under covered area, which is large enough for in-school concerts performed on our fantastic new stage, purchased by the P & C. Our costume room is off this area with easy access for teachers and children. The costumes are constantly used for class items as well as for Performing Arts.

Every second year the children are involved in circus training with all children developing their circus and performance skills.

Puppetry is also a part of a two year cycle with children preparing and performing with puppets in our puppet theatre.

Through the Performing Arts program children develop and improve their coordination, cooperation, communication and appreciation of others ideas and skills.