1:1 BYOD


Mindarie Primary School teachers are on the front foot with regard to technologies. With the implementation of the Digital Technologies and Design & Technologies curriculum in 2018 – plans have been put into place to support staff and students with teaching and learning of this difficult curriculum. We aim to develop active citizens who are prepared for the future; academically, socially and personally. Students in Year Four and Five, 2020, are invited to bring their own iPad to school every day. The 1:1 iPad program is completely voluntary. Students who do not have their own device have some access to school iPads. These are used on a rotational basis between the Learning Areas and available as often as practical. It is critical parents support their child’s learning by ensuring the iPad is sent to school each day, is fully charged, and has all the required apps installed with updates regularly maintained.

We strongly recommend families join our Mobile Device Management program, for a small sum all required apps are provided. This process enables your child and the teacher to make the most use of the device both at school and at home. Digital technologies are increasingly transforming the way we work, live, learn and play, offering new opportunities better tailoring educational choices, and unprecedented access to services and resources. Social media, online games, multimedia, cloud computing, systems and mobile learning have become a pervasive and necessary part of everyday life.

Mobile devices, such as iPads, and their associated apps can be used in educational settings as an annotation tool; to enable creation and composition; facilitate social networking; and provide rich tools to capture and edit video, audio and images. The portability, flexibility, and natural intuitive interfaces make tablets ideal devices for students to develop skills, such as creativity, innovation, communication and collaboration. This exciting development at Mindarie Primary School has been modeled from the success of other primary schools around the state and country, with leading edge support and security as well as modern 21st Century Teaching practices to be e implemented as a standard part of classroom practice.