Positive behaviour support (PBS)

Positive Behaviour Support

In 2015, Mindarie Primary School began its journey into Positive Behaviour Support or PBS.

PBS is our school-wide approach aimed at improving the academic and behavioural outcomes of all students. PBS works to establish a climate in which appropriate behaviour is the norm. This occurs through the use of proactive strategies and the explicit teaching of behavioural expectations. Our goal is to create a safe, positive learning environment where students are engaged and successful. Emphasis is on making positive (green) choices and accepting responsibility for both learning and behaviour, rather than being structured around a set of rules.

At Mindarie, our core expectations are: 

 + Achieving and Learning

+ Respectful

+ Resilient

+ Safe


Each week our students are explicitly taught these values through classroom based activities and they are continuously encouraged to actively demonstrate behaviours derived from these values in the classroom, during break-times and as wider community members.

Students are awarded STARRS slips for the demonstration of our expected behaviours, and are awarded with tiered rewards. Please ensure that you check the newsletter for when these are announced. Teachers will also write a notice in students diaries to give notice of the rewards days. 

Staff have worked together to develop a PBS Matrix which is shown below. This clearly explains what each of these expectations mean in different areas of the school grounds. 

School Procedures are located throughout the grounds, offering students, staff and visitors clear expectations in each area.