Parent Involvement

Parents are welcome to participate in learning activities at every opportunity. Individual teachers will outline the range of ways in which parents can assist within the classrooms. In addition, there are a number of formal structures in place to ensure that parents have a voice in decision making in the school.

Overwhelming evidence shows that success of students at school is greatly assisted where there is a positive partnership between parents and teachers. The staff are very keen to involve parents in school life as much as possible.

For you to play a vital part in the total education of your children you may wish to participate in the following ways:

  • In the classroom: hearing reading, assisting with conference writing, maths activities, art/craft etc.
  • Sharing talents: playing musical instruments, demonstrating craft skills, typing stories etc.
  • Helping in the library: reading stories, repairing books, etc.
  • At home through assisting with homework or reinforcing and extending skills and knowledge taught in the classroom such as reading, maths or research activities.