Parents & Citizens

At Mindarie Primary School the P&C helps you and your children by:

  • Giving parents an opportunity to learn about the school’s policies and programs;
  • Bringing parents together to share information and views;
  • Assisting the school to build positive attitudes to students and their families;
  • Stimulating community interest and participation in education;
  • Raising funds and providing additional resources and amenities for the benefit of children attending our school.

Today we expect schools to take on new roles and responsibilities. If they are to succeed, schools need the support of committed parents. When you play a part in your P&C, you help to bring the community and its school closer together, reducing the risks of confusion, unfounded criticism and unreal expectations.

At Mindarie Primary School, our P&C meets twice a term, usually on a Wednesday morning in week 2 and week 9. We meet in the school staff room at 9.00am and our meetings last approximately one hour. Participating in the P&C offers a great informal opportunity to meet other parents, members of the teaching staff, including the Principal. Being involved in the P&C is a very positive and rewarding experience; you meet some great people and are always up to date on whatever is happening around the school. Your input is also important in the many decisions that are made.

For more information please contact your P&C by email

at: [email protected] or click here to find us on Facebook