NAPLAN Online 2020

NAPLAN Online 2020

NAPLAN Online Continues Into 2020

NAPLAN, which is a part of the National Assessment Program (NAP), is how governments, education authorities and schools can determine whether young Australians are reaching important educatonal goals. States and territories determine when their schools commence NAPLAN Online.

This year, our Year 3 and 5 students will once again complete NAPLAN Online for Maths, Reading, Grammar Conventions and Writing (Year 5 only).

NAPLAN online brings many new opportunities for students and teachers that are limited or not possible with paper-based tests. Some of the main benefits of students taking part in NAPLAN Online include:

  • Better assessment – and more precise results. NAPLAN Online uses a tailored test or adaptive design, where the test automatically adapts to a student’s performance and asks questions that match the student achievement level, allowing the student to demonstrate their knowledge.
  • Faster turnaround of results. Delivery of assessments online significantly reduces the time it takes to provide feedback to schools, students and parents, so teachers can respond more quickly to learning needs.
  • More engaging. Research into online assessment has shown that students have engaged well with electronic tests.

As technology develops, The Department of Education aims to further refine the delivery of the tests to best use the available technology to provide increasingly sophisticated assessments and valuable feedback to teachers, parents and education authorities. I implore families to have a look at the Demonstrations and information that is available on the NAPLAN Online website.

There is also an app version on the iOS App Store that can be downloaded at home. The student demonstration tests are a fantastic way to familiarise yourself and your child to the new platform of testing.

If you have any questions relating to NAPLAN Online, please direct them to Mr Gould.

NAPLAN Online – Brochure for Parents and Carers
School Photo Day

School Photo Day

The 2020 School Photo Schedule has been finalised. Please read carefully and note the day that your child’s photo will be taken.

Tuesday: TA2, TA3, TA4, TA5, TA11, TA12, TA14, TA15, TA22, TA23, TA24, TA25.
Wednesday: KINDY A TA21, KINDY B TA20, TA17, TA18, TA19, TP3, TP4, TP5, TP6, TA29.
Thursday: KINDY C TA21, KINDY D TA20, TA7, TA8, TA9, TA10, TA26, TA27, TA28.

Kids Art Fundraiser

Kids Art Fundraiser

The Kids’ Art Fundraiser is underway with the new online ordering system.

All artwork from students at Mindarie Primary School is now online in our own secure school link. The ordering system is now ready for all orders to be placed.

Ordering is very simple.

1 – Go to this link:
2 – Search for your child in the “Artist search” box
3 – Your child’s art will come up for you to view and place your order.

Ordering for free delivery to school runs until Friday, 18th November. After that you can still place orders or re-order but postage will be paid and it delivered to you.

The popular products will be available: phone and iPad covers, greeting cards, calendars and more.

We encourage everyone to get on board and support the P&C with this fundraising venture.

Mindarie Supports Kids Mental Health

Mindarie Supports Kids Mental Health

A pod of wildly colourful dolphins have swum into town as part of a vibrant public art trial. They are here to raise awareness of child and adolescent mental health and come with three clear messages.

1. You are not alone.

2. It’s OK to talk about your feelings and concerns.

3. Real help is available.

Mindarie Primary School has been participating in The Big Splash Program, which has been developed in response to the alarming increase in the number of children and young people presenting to Emergency Departments with self harm and attempted suicide – a 400% increase in the last five years.

The program helps teachers and parents navigate the topic of mental health and wellbeing with their students and children. With a focus on building resilience, the program teaches children to recognise their emotions and develop essential coping strategies.

For more information, visit the website.

Parent Open Evening 2017

Parent Open Evening 2017

Our wonderful sense of community was again highly evident at our annual Open Evening. Our staff and students really enjoy the opportunity to showcase the programs in place and the learning occuring in the classrooms. The hour and a half the school is open flies by!

Colour Run 2017

Colour Run 2017

There was great excitement on the oval as we held our first ever Colour Fun Run. The smiles on the children’s faces said it all as they completed the obstacle course, were sprayed with water pistols and sprinkled with colour. They certainy ended up very colourful!! Huge thanks go to Narelle Callahan and her band of helpers for making an ‘out there’ suggestion become a reality. Many of the more than 680 plus children who participated said that it was better than the annual Colour Run held in the city. That is a fantastic endorsement of the day.

Staff were thrilled with the event because, unlike the lap-a-thon where they stand at the table stamping cards, they got to join in with their classes. Another bonus!