Should there be a matter or issue which is of concern to you, please do not hesitate to contact the school to make a mutually convenient appointment time to discuss this matter with the school administration or class teacher.

A discussion, phone call or letter will usually clear up any queries or misunderstandings.

By contacting the school in the first instance, areas of concern are hopefully able to be resolved quickly and amicably. In the first instance these should be discussed with the teacher and if necessary with the Associate Principal for your child’s sub-school.

Emergency Contact

Parents are requested to make sure that the emergency address and the phone number registered on their child’s admission card is up to date.

If this is done, unnecessary delays in making contact with parents will be averted.

If employment or postal details change, please contact the school immediately with the updated details.

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All children belong to one of four factions, all family members will be in the same faction.


When representing their factions, children can wear their faction-coloured shirt.


Homework helps students create study work habits that will assist them become life long learners.

Each classroom teacher has their own policy regarding homework in line with the school’s expectations. Homework focuses on the revision of concepts covered in class or the reinforcement of work already completed.

There may be times when your child will require assistance, however they should be able to complete most tasks independently.

Nightly reading is our main focus here at Mindarie.

If you have any queries regarding homework please arrange a time to speak with the teacher.

In-Term Swimming

Department of Education swimming classes will be available for all children from Years PP – 6 at the Arena Joondalup for two weeks during the year.

Year 6 Students complete Department of Education Beach Swimming lessons in either Term 1 or 4.

The school takes the strong view that all students should attend unless medically unfit to do so as we regard in-term swimming as an important part of our Physical Education program.

Times for swimming can vary as can venues but ours are generally held at the Joondalup Arena which is an outstanding facility.

The cost to parents is for the bus fare to the Arena Joondalup or Beach and Arena entry fee only.

The swimming lessons themselves are free.