Dear Parents and Caregivers,

As you will be aware, strong directions were given this weekend by the Federal and State Governments, aimed at mitigating the outbreak of, and management of the state, with regard to COVID-19 Virus.

Mindarie Primary has paid close attention to what recommendations and requirements have been directed to be put in place.  As you were advised, in last week’s newsletter, the school continues to be proactive in this space and in view of the new requirements, some new school adjustments have been implemented. Clear directions have been given to staff around the management of students in classrooms and also when accessing specialist areas, these include the following:

  • Students, designated by year groups, to playground areas for eating and also for playing. The students will be separated. Staff have been provided with a map outlining these areas.
  • Students only to use their year level toilets at break times and at all other times during the day.
  • Student toilet doors and staff toilet doors are to be propped open during the day to reduce contact.
  • Front office door to be propped open during the day.
  • All classroom entry doors to be propped open during the day.
  • Student drink bottles to be separated when stored.
  • Library is closed at recess and lunch times.
  • Students attending specialist classes and the library are to wash their hands before entering the class.
  • Students are encouraged to use their own equipment.  If not possible, shared equipment use at a minimum.
  • Shared iPads are to be cleaned regularly.
  • Promethean boards are only to be used by teachers.
  • Wipe down computer key boards between students use.
  • No buddy class interactions.

Assembly 19/03/2020
For this week’s assembly, we will observe the requirement of the Australian Government of less than 500 people in a static environment by planning the following:

  • Pre-Primary to Year Three – attend the assembly in the morning, commencing at 8:50.  This will involve 16 staff, 3 admin and 428 students, of which 28 will be on stage.  Student’s will separate out across the area.  Parent attendance is discouraged.
  • Year Four to Six – attend assembly in the afternoon, commencing at 2:15 pm.  This will involve 300 students, 11 staff, 3 Admin. Student’s will separate out across the area. Parent attendance is discouraged.

The assembly format will change, there will be Welcome to Country, National Anthem, two lots of achievement certificates and the class presentation.  No other announcements will be made.  The assembly should last less than 25 minutes.

Healthy Habits
Staff have been asked to remind students regarding Healthy Habits, they will do the following;

  • Revise with students daily about the need to wash hands thoroughly.
  • To cough into their elbows or to cough into a tissue and place it in the bin and then go and wash their hands.
  • To remain away from each other and not to do the following: hi five, hand shaking, hugging and so forth.
  • Refraining from touching their faces, in particular their noses, eyes and mouths.

School Events
The following events have been postponed, a new date will be set when we have more information. If you have paid, you may contact the school for a refund.

  • Zoo Excursion
  • Ninja Warrior

The following events have been cancelled, a new date will not be set.

  • Boys Cricket Cup
  • Summer Sports Carnival
  • Easter Bonnet Parade

Still to be Determined
The following events require further consultation and will stand at this time.

  • Fathering Project camp out
  • Girls Glory Cup

ANZAC Ceremony 2020 – Done Differently
This year, our ANZAC service will be streamed to classes from the undercover area.  More on this closer to the time.

How you can help your school, your community and our country at this time.
Please keep sick children at home.  Children with bad coughs, sore throats, sneezing and so forth.  This will reduce the work load and stress levels of all at school.

If you are self-isolating, please also keep your child off and advise the school office of this fact.  This is a reasonable reason for an absence.

Thanks in advance for your support.  If you wish to discuss any of the above, please phone the school.  Please be assured that we will provide you with updates as we are provided with them

Kind regards

Barbara Bromley
March 16 2020