Dear Parents and Caregivers,

Once again, our situation has changed, and another set of directions has been given to schools to digest and appropriate. I would like to reassure all families that we are doing everything practically possible to maintain the safety and security of our school community, and this includes confidential handling of family information and health of our students.

Please take the time to update yourself with the following information with regard to COVID-19 Virus.

Assembly – 19/03/2020

All school assemblies will be cancelled until further notice. This includes the assembly taking place on Thursday the 19/03/2020. We can understand the disappointment of the children and families of TA10, however, the latest instruction of the Department of Education is to reconsider any non-essential event that also includes parents on school site. The children involved with this assembly will perform their item for their buddy class, and this will be recorded for parents and presented electronically.

We still want to celebrate the fantastic work of our children and will continue to give out Achievement Certificates, which will be read over the PA each Thursday morning. A photo of the children with their Achievement Certificates will go home in the usual Friday newsletter. 

Parents, Guardians and Adults on School Site

From the 18th of March, we ask that adults who usually bring their children into the classroom, that they farewell their children at the doors of classrooms and allow the teachers to begin their days with the children. Families not entering the classroom further mitigates risk at a school. This extends to all parent help in the classroom, which will no longer be permitted at Mindarie Primary School.

Parents on Social Media

Whilst we acknowledge social media is often a useful means of communication it can sometimes be used for miscommunication. We, as a school, will be the most accurate source of information during this time and we will post factual, up to date communications each day. 

Uniform Shop

To reduce the amount of money handling and to promote social distancing, the uniform shop at Mindarie Primary School is now closed for face to face transactions until further notice. Parents may still purchase uniforms online through and uniforms will be delivered to the school office for collection. 

Outside of School Hours

Students are not to arrive at school before 8:15am unless attending Senior Choir. 

Children are to be picked up at 2.45pm unless attending before / after school care. This is a matter of safety and security.

Children are not permitted to play on any of the school play equipment before and after school. This is a current procedure and will now be reinforced by staff through a daily reminder on the PA at 2:50pm.

Healthy Habits

Staff have been asked to remind students of ongoing Healthy Habits, including the following updated rules;

  • Students to be sent to school with food and snacks that they can open independently. (think chip packets).
  • Drink fountains are only to be used by students to refill drink bottles. Please ensure that all students attend school with a personal drink bottle. Please reinforce this with your children. We can’t turn off the water fountains – it is not possible as our other water sources are being used as hand washing facilities.
  • Reflection room hats are no longer available for borrowing.
  • Icy Poles on a Wednesday will not be available until Term 4.
  • The school office will operate as cashless from today. We encourage that any fees or transactions occur through the Qkr! app available on the App Store or Google Play Store or via EFTPOS in the office.
  • This afternoon, I addressed the children over the PA with regards to the usage of soap in the bathrooms. Please continue the discussion with your child the need to be highly respectful about the resources provided in the school bathrooms (resources are finite, and we have had socially inappropriate actions in some areas of the school that impact on our resource levels and the work of our cleaners).

School Events and Operations

The following events have been postponed, a new date will be set when we have more information. If you have paid, you may contact the school for a refund. 

  • Zoo Excursion
  • Ninja Warrior
  • Fathering Project Camp Out
  • Mindarie Primary School P&C AGM
  • Friday Playgroup
  • School Student Banking

The following events have been cancelled, a new date will not be set.

  • Boys Cricket Cup
  • Summer Sports Carnival
  • Easter Bonnet Parade
  • Girls Glory Cup
  • Wednesday Icy Poles
  • All School Assemblies


Today, we had 142 students who were not at school. Whilst a large proportion of those who were not at school were legitimately sick, we did not hear from a large number of families. 

As directed by the Department of Education, students whose parents have chosen to keep them home, without seeking medical advice, will not be provided curriculum work and activities. The priority for staff is to maintain focus on classroom learning programs. In the event of a temporary school closure, further advice will be provided.

If you are self-isolating due to acknowledged and identified risk factors by the Department of Health, or any family members who have been directed by the Health Department to self-isolate, please keep your child off and advise the school office via email, Connect or the absentee notification link.

Please keep sick children who are genuinely sick at home.  Children with bad coughs, sore throats, sneezing and so forth.  This will reduce the work load and stress levels of all at school. Please advise the school office via email, Connect or the absentee notification link.

Thank you in advance for your support. If you wish to discuss any of the above, please phone the school. Please be assured that we will provide you with updates as we are provided with them.

Kind regards

Barbara Bromley
March 18 2020