In addition to the Achievement Certificates presented at assembly, major school awards are presented to students at the End of Year Awards Assembly.

Each teacher nominates two students for these awards based on criteria from achievement, citizenship and/or effort fields.

Each specialist teacher presents an award.

Year 6 students will also be awarded achievement and recognition awards at their graduation ceremony.

The types of criteria which are considered include:

  • Achievement and Effort
  • Demonstrates significant gain in academic achievement.
  • Consistent application towards completing tasks.
  • Actively seeks to improve current performance.
  • Citizenship
  • Demonstrates a genuine care and respect for others.
  • Actively contributes towards creating a positive classroom and school.
  • Sportsmanship
  • Displays exemplary sportsmanship qualities.
  • Consistent application during activities.
  • Actively seeks to improve current performance.
  • Performs at a high level in a variety of sport activities