Each year selected students are invited to attend the PEAC (Primary Extension and Challenge) program.

The students are identified in Year 4 through PEAC testing done in Term 4 each year.

Students who participate in this program are provided with opportunities to enhance and extend their academic talents and interests.

Primary Extension and Challenge (PEAC) is a part-time withdrawal program for upper primary school Years 5-7 students.

Identified gifted and talented students are selected to participate in differentiated programs offered in a range of delivery modes.

Delivery modes include:

  • PEAC centres based within a district centre or office with a series of specialist courses or programs;
  • coordinator/s who establish courses in a range of schools and/or other sites and teachers are released to teach these;
  • allocation to schools and multi-age programs operate within schools; online delivery of programs.

Programs focus on:

  • Social interaction with gifted and talented peers;
  • Intellectual rigour and challenge;
  • Pursuit of excellence;
  • Development of higher order process skills;
  • In-depth investigations of real problems;
  • Open-ended activities which encourage choice and negotiation;
  • Opportunities to interact with practising experts;
  • Students working at their own pace;
  • Self/peer evaluation and reflection of performance.

For more information please contact Ms White, Associate Principal.